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Dallas Cars and Coffee

What: Dallas Cars and Coffee
Where: Classic BMW, Plano, TX
Who: Open and Free of charge
When:  First Saturday of each month
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Cars and Coffee are shows that take place world wide.  I’ve been to the Dallas one twice and it has been a treat both times.    Last weekend I got a little late start and didn’t arrive until around 9:30 AM and a lot of the cars had already started to leave.  There is no charge to show your car or be a spectator, so look them up and get out as often as you can.  The Dallas show is actually held at Classic BMW in Plano.  I don’t know how the other Cars and Coffee gatherings are around the world, but in Plano there are all kinds of cars from 60’s Volkswagens to a Lamborghini Aventador and everything in between.

Because I was late and the cars were already starting to leave I got to listen to some of the best engine sounds as the V10’s and V12’s were pulling out of the lot and putting on their own show for us spectators.

I ran into Val Herrera with his Alfa GTV6 Callaway and got to talk to him for a bit about the history and acquisition of the car.  Val does great work and takes a lot of pride in his cars.

Val Herrera's Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6 with Reeves Callaway Signed Hood
Val Herrera’s Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6 with Reeves Callaway Signed Hood
Val Herrera's Alfa Romeo  Callaway GTV6
Val Herrera’s Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6

There were several exotic cars; besides the Aventador there was a pair of yellow Lamborghini Gallardos, a Ferrari F430, a Jaguar F Type, an Audi R8 V10, and a McLaren 650S Spider plus a handful of more common exotics like a Lotus Elise and a Ferrari 328.

lamborghini gallardo and superleggera
Two Lamborghinis: a Gallardo Superleggera and a Gallardo
McLaren 650S Spider
McLaren 650S Spider
Maserati GranTurismo MC Convertible
Maserati GranTurismo MC Convertible
Lotus Elise
Chrome Orange Lotus Elise
VW Bug
Nicely restored VW Bug

Enjoy the pics and I’ll post more on Instagram or the Facebook page.