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4th of July

There is something great about the American ideal.  We will call the man that washes our car for us sir.  Sir, a word not reserved for royalty in this country and not someone knighted; there is no difference between the President of the United States and the man working in a saw mill, the law applies to them both, they both are granted the same opportunities.

The American ideal makes me want to like American cars, it makes me want to have pride in our automobile industry and point to it and say, there, beat that.  I think our cars were made with the open road in mind; endless miles of pavement and few turns.  Getting from the east coast to the west coast with the family.  So in a way, they are great.  On this anniversary of our independence from Great Britain I won’t bash them, but celebrate what they were made for regardless of my preferences.

So, happy 4th of July!  Enjoy the cars in my neighborhood 4th parade!

Fireworks down town over the river
Packard Limo
Packard Limo lining up for the parade
Chevy Belair
Chevy Belair in line at our round a bout
Chevy Belair2
Another Chevy Belair
Chevy Impala
A nice looking red Chevy Impala
Miata and MGB
PRHT Mazda Miata and a rubber bumper MGB
4th at the Circle
Part of the 4th of July neighborhood crowd