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1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal

What: 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe
Who: Val Herrera
From: Double Oak, TX
Where: Seabrook, TX, Lakewood Yacht Club
When:  May 3, 2014

My eyes were drawn to the Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe I saw sitting up on the hill overlooking the docks at the Keels and Wheels Concours d’Elegance.   Throughout the day I had stopped by a couple of times hoping to meet the owner and get a few words with him or her.  On my last pass by I was listening to a gentleman that I later learned to be the owner, Val Herrera, talking to others interested lookers about his car.  He was telling them about it’s history and what work he had done since owing it.  The car’s front end has four headlamps partly covered by grilles that retract when the lights are switched on, but Val was able to show us how they worked manually.

1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal
Interior of Val Herrera’s 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe
1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal
1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Val is a retired Texas Instruments engineer with a collection of 10 different Alfa Romeos.  Val bought his first car, an Alfa Veloce Spider,  in Hollywood, CA almost at the corner of Hollywood and Vine in 1965.  Val found this particular Alfa Montreal in the Alfa Owner’s magazine in the cars for sale section and it was first come first serve; so Val headed to Phoenix, AZ back in 2002 and has not regretted that trip yet.

Val Herrera's 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe
Val Herrera’s 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe

Val’s Montreal has 42,000 original miles on it and other than replacing the timing chain the engine has not been opened.  Val has installed both new paint and a new interior on his car.  That was good enough to enter it in Concours Italiano in Monterey, CA.  A recent record setting sale at Gooding and Company Scottsdale set the bar at $176,000 for a 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe.

1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe
1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe at Keels and Wheels 2014
1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe
Val Herrera’s 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe, rear view

 Val also owns one of only 35 copies of the Alfa GT6 Callaway.

Val took home the Silver award for misc. Italian cars; Congratulations!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures of Val’s beautiful car!

The Alfa Romeo Montreal Coupe:
Years Produced: 1970-1977
Production: Total number built was 3917
Driveline: longitudinal engine at front with rear wheel drive
Engine:2593cc (80×64.5mm) DOHC V8 with 200bhp @ 6,500rpm with mechanical fuel injection, and dry-sump
Suspension front: Double wishbone, telescopic dampers, coil springs and anti-roll bar, rear: live axle, coil springs and dampers
Wheelbase: 92.5 inches
Front Brakes: discs, ventilated
Rear Breaks: discs, ventilated
Gearbox: 5 speed manual, ZF limited-slip differential
Kerb Weights: 2493 lbs.

Comments from around the web:

It made 200hp out of just 2.6 liters, a very respectable specific output for a naturally aspirated car. Its high redline and small displacement made it one of the most lively powerhouses of its day.” Concept Carz,

“the soul of a concept car and the V-8 heart of a race car” Hemming’s Motor News,

“Very few road cars can claim an engine with antecedents in both long-distance sports car racing and Formula 1 but the Alfa Romeo Montreal is one of them. ”  Bonhams,